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The Sheepdog Handler

Sheepdog Trainer talking about how to be a good handler
Don’t just train your dog! Make yourself, a better trainer! It’s all very well learning about the dog, the sheep, and the training area, but it’s just as important to think about some of the qualities required in a sheepdog handler (or trainer) and how to make improvements. This tutorial is based on chapter five from the ” DVD set. Topics covered in this video tutorial include the importance of moving around to encourage the dog to go in the … Watch now

Stopping the Dog (Parts 1-3)

Teaching a sheepdog to stop on command
Teach your dog to stop well on command, without damaging its confidence The three completely revised tutorials delve into the thorny issue of getting your dog to stop, in much more detail than the earlier versions. They explain why your dog doesn’t want to stop, and what you can do to make it more likely that the dog will heed your stop command. The videos encourage you to look closely at your relationship with your dog, especially the amount of … Watch now

Starting a Young Puppy (Parts 1 & 2)

Photo of Andy holding puppy Ezra
We introduce two eleven week old puppies to sheep for the first time Part 1. The usual age for starting a pup on sheep is between six and twelve months, but if you have the right sort of sheep and know what you’re doing, you can start a pup at a much younger age. Starting a dog early makes it much easier to get the youngster under control in the presence of sheep. In “Starting a Young Puppy” Andy shows … Watch now

Starting a Strong Dog

Photo of sheepdog training inside a training ring
How to begin training with a dog which is difficult to control around sheep? In part one of the ‘Starting a Young Puppy’ tutorials, we saw that with care, it’s possible to begin a puppy’s training at a very early age, but if you didn’t have the luxury of well-dogged docile sheep for your puppy to learn with, then you’ve had to wait before you can start training – and you may find you have a tougher dog than you … Watch now

How Can I Slow The Dog Down?

How Can I Slow The Dog Down?
Things you can do to make your dog calm down and work more steadily Probably the most common question we get asked about sheepdog training is how to slow the dog down. Of course, there’s no “quick fix” for getting a keen dog to work at a steadier pace, but you’ll be surprised how many things tend to speed it up! This video tutorial takes an in-depth look at the reasons why herding dogs often work very fast, and suggests … Watch now

How Often (to Train) and How Long For?

A sheepdog being trained to work sheep
Regular training is excellent, but don’t overdo it! One of the questions we are most frequently asked is about the frequency and duration of sheepdog training sessions.There are no hard and fast rules, but it’s important to observe your dog’s behaviour and make sure you stop each session before the dog becomes too physically or mentally, tired. In this tutorial, Andy gives some valuable guidelines to help you recognise when your dog’s had enough! … Watch now

Bronwen and Scylla (Parts 1-9)

Two Border Collies play-fighting
Follow the progress of two litter sisters – Bronwen and Scylla – as they learn to become sheepdogs. They might have the same parents, but their temperaments are very different and the same goes for their attitude to working sheep … Watch now

Balance – What’s the Point?

Cover photo of Balance tutorial
Sheepdog trainers often refer to The Point of Balance but what exactly is it, and where can we find one? In this short tutorial, we discover that the point of balance is not always to be found where we might expect it to be … Watch now

The Training Ring (Parts 1 & 2)

Using a training ring to keep sheep together makes sheepdog training far easier
A simple training ring of the correct size, will make training your dog a lot easier A two-part tutorial. One of the most useful assets that help us to train a sheepdog is the sheepdog training ring. It’s very much more versatile than you might think. A properly constructed training ring will make the early stages of training your dog so much easier. Trainee sheepdogs tend to chase the sheep, who (very wisely) run away. Both dog and sheep can … Watch now

Get (the sheep) off the fence!

Close-up photo showing what a dog sees when it tries to get sheep away from a fence
Train your dog to get sheep or cattle away from a fence or hedge Getting stubborn sheep away from a fence or hedge during the early stages of training can be very frustrating unless you know the “tricks of the trade”. This tutorial shows you not only how to prise the sheep away from the fence, but also how to turn the dog’s determination to circle the sheep into a useful tool for moving the sheep in the open field … Watch now

Moving Out – Into the Open Field

Photo of a sheepdog and handler taking sheep out of a training ring, into the open field
Bring sheep out of a pen without drama! Getting your trainee sheepdog to bring the sheep out of the training ring without crisis can be a tricky affair. The sheep will usually grasp the slightest opportunity to bolt and this can result in an ugly chase. In this tutorial you’ll learn a simple routine which will greatly increase the chances of a smooth transition with the dog maintaining control of the sheep from inside the training ring to the open … Watch now

The Outrun (Parts 1-3)

Teaching a sheepdog to do outruns, and gather sheep
A good outrun is essential if a sheepdog is to work efficiently Fortunately, it’s not difficult to train a dog to do an outrun, and the training process itself improves other aspects of the dog’s work, such as flanking and the stop, so we use short outruns very early in training to improve the dog’s all-round performance. Part 1 features Jed, a large, headstrong male collie with far more enthusiasm than skill. We filmed an actual training session, warts and … Watch now

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188 responses to “Sheepdog Training Video Library”

  1. marga avatar

    yes, the pen is 13 meters diameter… I could not manage with more … mabe that is the problem… when the dog came in, she did not want to chase the sheep, mabe she feels a little fear, but finally the sheep put her nose together with the dog… it happened another time before a month ago, and I did not have time to avoid it!… next day (yesterday) I tried in open space with 23 sheeps, all I have… (with a big fence) I tried her to stand, and she did well when she was far… but when she came close she run the sheeps and did not hear me… Thank you!

  2. marga avatar

    (ENGLISH TRANSLATION VIA GOOGLE TRANSLATE – Original Spanish version below).
    Finally I managed to make a fence with gates of 13 m2 and I put 3 sheep. My sheep are quite wild and independent… now they have a big enclosure and I graze them a bit, but most of the day they are free. My dog is a Basque shepherdess of 8 months. she has seen the sheep several times and 2 times she ran away and ran after them a bit. She knows how to stop when I ask her to and walk next to me. The problem that I have now is that when she entered the enclosure, it seems that, although they seem to attack her, in the end they put their noses together and it seems that they are becoming friends… the dog does not want to run after them inside the enclosure, and the question is…if I can do anything better outside the paddock…see if it stops when I ask it, and see if it does something instinctively. Thank you

    Finalmente conseguí hacer un cercado con teleras de 13 m2 y metí 3 ovejas. Mis ovejas son bastante salvajes e independientes… ahora tienen un recinto grande y las pastoreo un poco, pero la mayor parte del día van libres. Mi perra es pastora vasca de 8 meses. ha visto las ovejas varias veces y 2 veces se escapó y corrió tras ellas un poco. Sabe parar cuando se lo pido y caminar junto a mí. El problema que tengo ahora, es que cuando entró en el cercado, parece que, aunque ellas parece que la van a embestir, al final juntan sus narices y parece que se están haciendo amigas… la perra no quiere correr tras ellas dentro del cercado, y la pregunta es… si puedo hacer algo mejor fuera del cercado… probar por si se para cuando le pido, y ver si hace algo instintivamente. gracias

    1. Andy avatar

      First, I should say that I did not know of the existence of Basque Shepherd dogs until I saw your message, so I am no expert – but dogs are dogs, so the problem should be easy to correct.

      Unfortunately though, I don’t really understand what you mean.
      Please describe in more detail what EXACTLY happens when you take the dog into the pen with the three sheep. Do they run at the dog and frighten it?

      The pen – do you mean it measures 13m across? The pen should be ROUND in shape – and 16m diameter! A smaller pen means the dog will feel trapped in there, and a bigger pen means you won’t be able to stay close enough to control the action.

      Please give me a lot more information, and I will do my best to help you.

      (SPANISH TRANSLATION VIA GOOGLE TRANSLATE – Original English version above).
      En primer lugar, debo decir que no sabía de la existencia de los pastores vascos hasta que vi su mensaje, por lo que no soy un experto, pero los perros son perros, por lo que el problema debería ser fácil de corregir.

      Desafortunadamente, no entiendo muy bien lo que quieres decir.
      Describa con más detalle qué sucede EXACTAMENTE cuando lleva al perro al corral con las tres ovejas. ¿Corren hacia el perro y lo asustan?

      El bolígrafo, ¿quieres decir que mide 13 m de ancho? El corral debe tener forma REDONDA y un diámetro de 16 m. Un corral más pequeño significa que el perro se sentirá atrapado allí, y un corral más grande significa que no podrá permanecer lo suficientemente cerca para controlar la acción.

      Por favor, dame mucha más información, y haré todo lo posible para ayudarte.

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