The training stick

Correctly used, the training stick gives better control and reduces training time.

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Photo of the simple training stick

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The tools trainers use to aid control when training sheepdogs.
We all know dogs are wary of sticks.
The stick can improve the dog’s obedience.
A ‘whoosh’ or ‘whack’, for maximum effect!
Using the training stick correctly.
The material we use for a training ‘stick’.
Ways to use the training stick.
A ‘training stick’ demonstration.
Watch the demo in slow motion.

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For better control and easier training

By far the most important tool we use for training sheepdogs is the lightweight plastic pipe. We call it the Training Stick – and we wouldn’t like to have to train dogs without one! This tutorial describes how invaluable the training stick can be in the early stages of training, for controlling the dog’s direction, its pace, and the distance it works from the sheep or cattle.

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15 responses to “The training stick”

  1. isabel beasley avatar
    isabel beasley

    Hi Andy,

    I have just started watching your training videos and they are really fantastic. Thank you!

    With regards to the training stick, are there any positives/negatives to having a brightly coloured swimming pool noodle around the lower half of the stick? …

    1. Thanks for the kind comment about our videos, Isabel.
      I’m not sure why you want to attach something bright to your training stick, but I can’t see that it would do any harm.

      1. isabel beasley avatar
        isabel beasley

        Hi Andy,

        Thanks very much for your quick response.

        I am slowly working my way through your fantastic tutorials, but was wondering if you have a tutorial that explains what hand the training stick should be in at what time in the training ring? I am a terrible multi-tasker, and I find that I am getting very confused about what point I should change the training stick over to the other hand?

        Thanks for any advice you have.

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