Category – Bronwen and Scylla

These are highly recommended tutorials comparing the training of two very different litter sisters.

Bronwen and Scylla (Part 8)
When a dog's proving slow to train, it's particularly important to be able to recognise the areas where progress is being made, and to communicate ... Watch now
Bronwen and Scylla (Part 7) - Going too Wide
In part seven, of our Bronwen and Scylla comparison, we focus entirely on Bronwen. Although she's far more advanced and reliable than her sister, Scylla, ... Watch now
Bronwen and Scylla (Part 6)
Part six of our series comparing the training of litter sisters, Bronwen and Scylla, sees Scylla continuing to make slow progress in the ring. Andy's ... Watch now
Bronwen and Scylla (Part 5)
In part five we see how Bronwen and Scylla meet the challenge of new, and "undogged" sheep. Some of the results are predictable, and true ... Watch now
Bronwen and Scylla (Part 4)
Bronwen proves she's not perfect, but she continues to be far ahead of Scylla in terms of her sheep work. Scylla's tail is still flying ... Watch now
Bronwen and Scylla (Part 3)
Bronwen struggles to get the sheep into the ring. Once the sheep are in, we watch both Bronwen and Scylla's training sessions in the ring ... Watch now
Bronwen and Scylla (Part 2)
We find out just how difficult Scylla can be when she encounters sheep. When Scylla gets into the training ring she's very trying at first, ... Watch now
Bronwen and Scylla (Part 1)
Follow the progress of two litter sisters - Bronwen and Scylla - as they learn to become sheepdogs. They might have the same parents, but ... Watch now