Category – Distractions

Tutorials including examples of dogs being distracted or using distractions to avoid pressure, and how to cope with them.

Starting a non starter (Parts 1 and 2)
If your dog won't work, we can help you to change its mind! It's very disappointing to find that your dog doesn't seem to want ... Watch now
Use a reward to get training on board
Odo was returned to us because he wouldn't get in the car! Working dogs have a huge capacity for learning, but in order to learn ... Watch now
Bronwen and Scylla (Part 5)
Scylla's still pretty awful - Bronwen's erratic Scylla takes an almighty charge, and scatters the sheep in all directions. Four of the sheep leave the ... Watch now
Eliminate the Toilet Break
Discourage your dog from taking a toilet break while it's working. Not only is it not professional, but dog which has stopped to relieve itself ... Watch now
How Often (to Train) and How Long For?
Regular training is excellent, but don't overdo it One of the questions we are most frequently asked is about the frequency and duration of sheepdog ... Watch now
Calm but Firm
It's so important to appear calm, even when you're not A dog which is aggressive with the sheep, but runs away as soon as the ... Watch now
Driving (Parts 1 - 3)
THREE TUTORIALS to help you teach your dog to drive PART 1. Some sheepdog trainers dread teaching their dog to drive and it's understandable, because ... Watch now

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