Category – Driving

Training tutorials relevant to teaching a dog to drive stock away from the handler.

The Training Ring (Part 2)
The training ring is a hugely useful asset when starting a dog off with sheep but it's use doesn't end there. As the dog's skill ... Watch now
Sending the Dog the Wrong Way!
One of the best ways to get a dog to give the sheep space when it's flanking is to send it what we call "the ... Watch now
Sheepdog training video about inside flanks. Teach the dog to circle on command
Using a training ring, can make teaching your dog its inside flanks and circling the sheep much easier. It stops the sheep from moving away, ... Watch now
Inside Flanks (Circle on Command) (Part 1)
Even if the dog's already competent at driving, teaching inside flanks or circling on command is not easy, but once the dog will do it ... Watch now
Driving (Part 3)
Unashamed deception! Calling the dog back onto line when it's determined to hook the sheep back to you can be difficult and frustrating. As it ... Watch now
Driving (Part 2)
Following on from the first sheepdog driving tutorial, in this video, you will learn how to use your body position to maintain some control over ... Watch now
Driving (Part 1)
Some sheepdog trainers dread teaching their dog to drive and it's understandable, because when we ask a dog to take the sheep or cattle away, ... Watch now