Category – Outrun

Tutorials relevant to the outrun and teaching a dog to do it efficiently.

Why Your Dog Should Flank Both Ways
The importance of teaching your dog to go both ways round the stock Just as most humans are left or right-handed, the majority of herding ... Watch now
The Outrun (Part 3) Slingshot
Using a 'Slingshot' technique to widen the dog's outrun Part three in our series of Outrun tutorials demonstrates how we use a simple technique we ... Watch now
Tess in the Open Field
A complete training session, packed with lessons As well as learning specific sheepdog training topics, we like to show you complete training sessions. This helps ... Watch now
The Outrun (Part 2)
Correct positioning of the dog and handler, in relation to that of the sheep The outrun marks the difference between a dog in training and ... Watch now
The Outrun (Part 1)
A good outrun is essential if a sheepdog is to work efficiently. Fortunately, it's not difficult to train a dog to do an outrun, and ... Watch now

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