Category – Sheep Behaviour

Tutorials which will help you understand the nature and behaviour of sheep, thus improving your work with them.

The Training Area
Chapter four from the DVD set First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training The Training Area tutorial shows you how to get the most out ... Watch now
Sheep - Essential Facts For Trainers
Chapter three from the DVD set First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training: "Sheep". People think sheep are stupid, but in some ways they can ... Watch now
Sometimes Nice is Not Enough
Does your dog have difficulty moving stubborn sheep or other livestock? It's all very well training your dog to keep back from the sheep and ... Watch now
Woolly Jumpers
Once sheep learn to jump out, they can be a problem Sheep which jump out don't just disrupt the training session. They can injure themselves ... Watch now
Get (the sheep) off the fence!
How to get sheep or cattle away from a fence or hedge. Getting stubborn sheep away from a fence or hedge during the early stages ... Watch now
Puppy Training Essentials
Important points to remember when bringing up a puppy Tempting though it may be to try your puppy with stock at a very early age, ... Watch now

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