Category – Stopping

Tutorial videos with information about stopping the working sheep or cattle dog - what you should and should not do to improve your dog's stop or lay down.

Back to Forwards - online sheepdog training video
Walking backwards with the dog steadily bringing the sheep up to you at the pace you choose to move back at is one of the ... Watch now
Stopping the Dog (Part 2) The Perfect Stop
Every handler wants a dog that stops on command, on the spot; and a dog that will stay there is a real bonus. But be ... Watch now
Tess in the Open Field
As well as learning specific sheepdog training topics, we like to show you complete training sessions. This helps keep the topics in context and gives ... Watch now
Backwards is the way forward
It's boring - and it might appear pointless to the novice, but walking backwards with the dog bringing the sheep up to you is the ... Watch now
Stopping The Dog (Part 1)
It's important to get a good stop on your dog, but there are pitfalls. Proceed with care. Too much emphasis on making the dog stop ... Watch now
The Training Stick
By far the most important tool we use for training sheepdogs is the lightweight plastic pipe. We call it the Training Stick - and we ... Watch now