Category – Yard & Pen Work

Video tutorials which will help you understand and improve your dog's work in small pens and other confined spaces.

The Training Ring (Part 2)
The training ring is a hugely useful asset when starting a dog off with sheep but it's use doesn't end there. As the dog's skill ... Watch now
The Training Ring
One of the most useful assets that help us to train a sheepdog is the training ring. It's more versatile than you might think. A ... Watch now
Title banner for our Sheepdog Training Tutorial, The Training Area, with trainee sheepdog Kay watching Andy the trainer close a farm gate
In this fourth chapter from the 2xDVD set First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training, "The Training Area" shows you how to get the most ... Watch now
sheepdog training video about improving the dogs confidence with stubborn stock
It's all very well training your dog to keep back from the sheep and not upset them, but what can you do if the sheep ... Watch now
Eve at the Pen
Getting sheep into a tight spot, and then getting them out again, needs confidence and control. In this tutorial we see Eve, a keen young ... Watch now
Moving Out - Into the Open Field
Getting your trainee sheepdog to bring the sheep out of the training ring without crisis can be a tricky affair. The sheep will usually grasp ... Watch now
Close Work 2 - In and Out of the Yard
In this follow-up to , Carew and Tess are each required to bring a small bunch of sheep into the yard. The task is more ... Watch now
Close work (Part 1)
Teaching a dog to bring the sheep to you in the open field is all very well, but your dog needs to do much more ... Watch now