Bronwen and Scylla (Parts 1-9)

  • Bronwen and Scylla (Parts 1-9)

    Bronwen and Scylla (Parts 1-9)

    Follow the progress of two litter sisters – Bronwen and Scylla – as they learn to become sheepdogs. They might have the same parents, but their temperaments are very different and the same goes for their attitude to working sheep.

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14 responses to “Bronwen and Scylla (Parts 1-9)”

  1. tatyana baktimirova avatar

    Hello, I’m watching all your lessons. But English is not my native language. It’s hard for me to understand by ear. Could you include subtitles in Bronwen and Scylla’s lessons? Thank you, Tatiana from Russia

    1. Andy avatar

      All of our tutorials have English and Spanish Subtitles which can be activated by clicking the “CC” link on the player (while it is playing).
      Unfortunately, we are unable to provide Russian subtitles at the moment, but hopefully either the English or Spanish subtitles will be helpful. Any feedback on this would be welcome.

      1. tatyana baktimirova avatar

        Thank you, Yes, English subtitles can help me a lot, I read well. I just don’t understand speech by ear very well.

  2. Arye Ehrenberg avatar

    Hllo Andy. In part 7, whould’nt it be easier for a novice dog if the entrance to the round pen was near the fence so it would create a funnel for the sheep to get in?

    1. Andy avatar

      I think you might mean Part 1, because in part 7 there are hedges or fencing on both sides of the pen entrance, funnelling the sheep in.

      Yes, of course it will always be easier if there’s some form of funnel – but if it is part 1 you mean, it was Bronwen’s first ever lesson – and to be honest, I was not really expecting her to get as far as the pen – that’s why the camera is so far away!
      Use this link for more about Getting the sheep into the training ring!

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