The Training Ring (Parts 1 & 2)

  • The Training Ring (Parts 1 & 2)

    A simple training ring of the correct size, will make training your dog a lot easier A two-part tutorial. One of the most useful assets that help us to train a sheepdog is the sheepdog training ring. It’s very much more versatile than you might think. A properly constructed training ring will make the early […]

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  • The Training Area

    Chapter four from the DVD set ‘First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training’ The size, shape and nature of the training area can make a massive difference to your training experience. The Training Area tutorial shows you how to get the most out of the field, paddock or yard you train your dog in. With […]

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  • Back to Forwards

    The next step, once you and your dog have mastered “Backwards is the Way Forward” Walking backwards with the dog steadily bringing the sheep up to you at the pace you choose to move back at, is one of the best exercises you can practice with a trainee dog. It will improve the dog’s stop, […]

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  • Starting a reluctant dog

    How to boost your dog’s confidence and help it to start working sheep Most dogs are over-excited when they first encounter sheep and it’s up to the trainer to do their best to protect the stock. Occasionally though the dog takes no interest in the stock at all. In this tutorial, Maisie shows no interest […]

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  • Why Your Dog Should Flank Both Ways

    The importance of teaching your dog to go both ways round the stock Just as most humans are left or right-handed, the majority of herding dogs favour working in one direction over another. It’s simply a habit that can fairly easily be trained out of the dog. Unfortunately, some sheep and cattle dog handlers are […]

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  • Balance – What’s the Point?

    Sheepdog trainers often refer to The Point of Balance but what exactly is it, and where can we find one? In this short tutorial, we discover that the point of balance is not always to be found where we might expect it to be.

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  • Sending the Dog the Wrong Way!

    No! Not a mistake! Use this technique to widen your dog’s flanks One of the best ways to get a dog to give the sheep space when it’s flanking is to use a technique we call “sending the dog the wrong way”. Once you can achieve this, you and your dog are well on the […]

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  • Get (the sheep) off the fence!

    Train your dog to get sheep or cattle away from a fence or hedge Getting stubborn sheep away from a fence or hedge during the early stages of training can be very frustrating unless you know the “tricks of the trade”. This tutorial shows you not only how to prise the sheep away from the […]

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6 responses to “The Training Ring (Parts 1 & 2)”

  1. Matt Kyhnn avatar

    I just signed up yesterday and am finding these videos very helpful and inspiring. I cannot wait to get Jack out and in a ring with a few sheep. He’s 10 months and has already proven to be very helpful on the farm, he can’t gather the sheep for me but he will lay down and serve as another man in the field so I can get them to go where I want. I’ve never trained a dog, but the neighbors seem to think he shows great potential!

    Regarding the training ring, how flexible is the 16 metre diameter ring you suggest? I am trying to limit the amount I have to invest in hurdles, knowing Jack’s training time in the ring will be relatively quick. We have an area in the yard that is flanked on three sides by buildings / stone wall, leaving me only one area to close up with hurdles. However, it would end up being more of an oval than a circle, and only 12 metres wide. Will this suffice and what would you suggest for the longer diameter of the oval? No shortage of space there so could go as wide as needed.

    Thanks again for your brilliantly done videos.

    1. Andy avatar

      Thank you for the feedback Matt, it’s great to know you find the tutorials useful.

      Have you watched “The Training Ring Tutorials“?
      If you have, I suggest you watch again. You’ll see that I make our training ring into an oval shape, and you’ll also see that Dulcie (who like Jack, is pretty controllable) copes quite well with the very narrow “pen” that I make at one end of the ring. That part is only a few paces wide.

      It’s all about the dog’s confidence. If you demonstrate to the dog that it’s in very little danger when it’s in a confined space with the sheep, then the dog will learn to cope with it. If the dog’s nervous, walk round the sheep with the dog by your legs (even on a lead if it refuses to go in any other way). Introduce the problem gently and patiently, and the dog will cope very well.

  2. Robert Stillwell avatar

    I can’t get keeps stopping and loadings

    1. Andy avatar

      Gill has already replied to your email, Robert.
      Basically, if the videos play at all, everything at our end is working. It’s down to your internet connection or your device.
      Have you tried using the “Not playing well? Click here” link (above every tutorial).
      Please let us know whether that works better for you.


    Do you have a set of DVD that cover everything?


    Richard Feldman

    1. Andy avatar

      Many of the tutorials are in our three Tutorial DVD sets, Richard. There are around fifteen that are not though, because we’re working on a new DVD set which will have a full set of tutorials which will be in sequence rather than random as they are now.
      Hopefully the new DVD set(s) will be released in the early spring of 2019.

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