The Dog’s Confidence

  • The Dog’s Confidence

    Confidence is vitally important for a good sheep or cattle dog Understanding the factors which affect the dog’s work is extremely important for a successful sheep or cattle dog trainer. Of those factors, the dog’s confidence is probably the most underestimated. Confidence is of vital importance if a sheepdog is to work efficiently, especially at […]

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  • How Often (to Train) and How Long For?

    Regular training is excellent, but don’t overdo it! One of the questions we are most frequently asked is about the frequency and duration of sheepdog training sessions.There are no hard and fast rules, but it’s important to observe your dog’s behaviour and make sure you stop each session before the dog becomes too physically or […]

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  • Sheepdogs Time Out!

    A great opportunity to get to know sheepdogs – at work and play! Following on from the very popular An Insight Into Pack Behaviour video – and while we put the finishing touches to our latest sheepdog training tutorial, we thought we’d give you a real treat!”Sheepdogs Time Out” comprises of no less than four […]

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  • An Insight into Pack Behaviour

    A tutorial to help you get a better understanding of your dog This tutorial’s a little different from usual as we’re looking at dog behaviour, rather than training. “An Insight into Pack Behaviour” was originally a chapter on our “Still Off Duty” DVD, and is 33 minutes of our thoughts about what we see when […]

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  • Shedding (or Separating) The Sheep

    Very useful on the farm, and essential for sheepdog trials. Learn to ‘shed’ the sheep! Shedding is one of those operations that contradicts the basic rules we’ve taught the dog so far. Previously, we’ve insisted the dog keeps the sheep together, but to shed them, we must teach the dog to part them again. Many […]

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  • The Golden Rule of Sheepdog Training

    The most important rule when you train a dog on sheep or cattle There are a number important rules that you would do well to keep in mind when you train a dog to work cattle or sheep. After all, whether we’re beginners, novices or experts, nobody wants to make a complete mess of it, […]

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15 responses to “The Dog’s Confidence”

  1. Martin otoole avatar

    Hi Andy my sheepdog works well on she is doing OK most of the time with cattle but if I put two much pressure on him with a cow that is hard to move he will leave the field and head how any suggestions to solve this kind regards Martin otoole

    1. Andy avatar

      You’re trying to progress too quickly. Watch “Sometimes Nice is Not Enough” to learn how to build the dog’s confidence. Instead of putting too much pressure on the dog, get in there alongside him and help him to shift the cow, then once he’s more confident, GRADUALLY let him take more responsibility, but still be close enough to help him if he needs it.

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