Close work (2 of 2)

Close work getting sheep into and out of a yard.

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Video Highlights

Getting sheep into and out of the yard

Slow motion clip of sheepdog Mel, showing her expertise by pushing sheep through obstacles in a field.
Trainee sheepdog Pip brings the sheep through a gateway.
A dog doing an outrun to bring sheep to the handler – ANIMATION.
Showing it’s easier to pen sheep, when the pen is positioned next to a fence – ANIMATION.
Make new work as easy as possible for the dog, to help build its confidence,
Our new challenge will be a bit more difficult for the dog. Taking sheep into the yard.

Tess scatters the sheep!

Trainee sheepdog Tess, bringing the sheep towards the yard.
Tess splits the sheep up, and then we look at it again to see what happened.
Tess brings the sheep through the gate, into the yard so we look at that again, too.
A detailed explanation of what was going on, when Tess brought the sheep into the yard.
The farther away you are from the trainee dog, the less control you have over it, so try to stay close.
Moving right, with the training stick in the correct hand, ensures the dog goes ‘Away’
Attempting the get the sheep back out of the yard.
Planning which way to send Tess in the hope she’ll bring the sheep out of the yard nicely.
Tess splits the sheep, but then gathers them back together and brings them out of the yard.
Blocking Tess’s path, will stop her chasing after the sheep.
Carew bringing the sheep towards the yard.

Compare the styles of Carew and Tess

Comparison of styles between Carew and Tess, as they bring the sheep into the yard.
The sheep know that Carew is calm and predictable but Tess can be quite the opposite!
The two sheep that hung back in the first ‘Close Work’ tutorial, are now hanging back once again!
Showing how Carew should have collected the missing sheep – ANIMATION.
Carew ignores a ‘That’ll Do‘ command.
Setting Carew up, to bring the sheep out of the yard cleanly.
Carew’s left a sheep behind again!
Carew uses her initiative, as she brings the sheep back into the yard once again.

Why we encourage our dogs to THINK!

We encourage our dogs to make their own decisions because it will make them better sheepdogs.
Carew obeyed the command, then realised it wasn’t working, and corrected it.
Carew brings the sheep back into the yard.
Helping Carew by setting her up, to bring the sheep out of the yard once more.
Getting sheep into the yard with the handler staying outside the yard.
Trying to get the dog to flank clockwise, when it wants to stay on balance.
Sending the dog to bring the sheep out of the yard again.
The dog thinks the sheep are escaping, and so she wants to bring them back.

Kay shows how it’s done!

Trained sheepdog Kay, demonstrates how to get sheep into a yard and back out once again.

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Two trainee sheepdogs and ‘expert’ Kay

Part 2: In the second of this tutorial, we’ll be watching trainee sheepdogs Carew and Tess, when they learn to do close work. They’ll be getting sheep into and out of a yard (which just happens to be where our other dogs live) and back out again. It proves more difficult for them than you might think.

Finally, our highly trained dog Kay, shows how to get the sheep into, and back out of the yard!

Sending the Dog the Wrong Way!

Close Work part 1


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