Driving (2 of 3)

Use your body position to help control the dog, while you teach it to drive.

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Control of the dog is important when teaching it to drive sheep or cattle

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Video Highlights

Use your body position, to help teach your herding dog to drive sheep or cattle.
It’s important to remember that learning to drive is very stressful for the dog.
ANIMATION: The dog wants to bring the sheep to us, but we want it to push them away!
The point of balance is exactly the same, whether the dog’s gathering or driving sheep.
ANIMATION: Showing the point of balance when the dog is driving sheep.
ANIMATION: The dog moving around stock in the same direction as the handler.
Body position is an important training tool.
ANIMATION: How the dog can be trained to flank away from the point of balance.
Watch the tutorial ‘Sending The Dog The Wrong Way’.
ANIMATION: The dog wants to get to the point of balance and bring the sheep back.
Using your body position to ‘steer’ the dog and the sheep.
ANIMATION: The dog’s position is corrected when the handler crosses the ‘line’.
How to use your body position in relation to the point of balance, to ‘steer’ the dog.
A different angle on using body position to steer the dog.
As the dog improves you can cross the line, and steer the dog without stopping it.
Watch Driving 1 and 3 for more.

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Using your body position improves control of the dog

PART 2. Following on from the first sheepdog driving tutorial, in this video you will learn how to use your body position to maintain some control over the dog while it learns to drive stock.

Just as when controlling the direction that the dog flanks around the sheep in the early stages of training, body position and point of balance are also crucial for controlling direction when teaching the drive. In this tutorial, Andy shows that putting himself in the right place at the right time, can make a huge difference to the behaviour of the dog.

Driving 3


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