Getting the sheep into the ring!

How to get sheep into a training ring – if you don’t have a trained sheepdog!

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How to get sheep into a pen or training ring without a trained sheepdog

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Video Highlights

Begin training on sheep in a training ring.
A trained dog can be a big help when training your dog.
Don’t leave training to the trained dog!
I prefer to train the dog without assistance.
Have you tried gathering sheep yourself (without a dog)?
Let’s try that with a dog on a long lead.
ANIMATION: Showing the combined effects of man, and dog, on sheep.
Getting fresh sheep in, with a young dog.
It doesn’t go so well the next day..!
Watch Liddy get the sheep in!

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Can an untrained dog do a trained dog’s job?

OK! You’ve built yourself a training ring – but now you need to get the sheep into it. If you don’t have access to a trained sheepdog, that can be a very difficult task – but don’t despair!

In this twenty minute tutorial, you’ll find out how to get some sheep into the training ring without the use of a trained sheepdog, and you’ll learn some other training information you may not have thought about before.

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2 responses to “Getting the sheep into the ring!”

  1. isabel beasley avatar
    isabel beasley

    Hi Andy,
    I noticed in this tutorial that you use the dogs name alot as you are trying to get the sheep into the pen.

    Are there times during training a new pup that using their name should be avoided when giving commands? .. and why are you saying her name such alot when putting the sheep into the pen? Thanks

    1. Using the dog’s name repeatedly is a way of exciting the dog. I’m trying to build the dog’s confidence.
      I can’t see any reason for not using the dog’s name, but if the dog is already over-confident or perhaps too excited, rapidly repeated commands (or repeated use of the dog’s name) will make it more excited. It’s not the name, it’s the excitement in your voice which tends to excite the dog.

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