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Over 70 clearly explained, easy to follow sheep and cattle dog training videos for first time sheepdog trainers, farmers, and shepherds. Just £10 per month or £100 per year (choice of currencies for payment). Watch the preview here!

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More than SEVENTY, clearly explained, easy to follow, online sheepdog training videos, for novice sheepdog trainers, farmers, and shepherds. Use the link above to open an account, and watch a tutorial free of charge.

Whether you’re trying to control an over-enthusiastic dog, a dog which shows no interest in working, or preparing to compete in sheepdog trials, you’ll find our online sheepdog training tutorials will help you to understand what’s going on, and how to make sure you and your dog make good progress.

Sheepdog training never goes completely to plan, even for world-class sheepdog trainers. It’s perfectly natural for things to go wrong, so in our online sheepdog training videos, we make a point of preparing you for the things which are most likely to go wrong, and show you how to put them right.

If there’s anything you’re not clear about when training your dog, we welcome comments and questions at the foot of every tutorial video page, and we do our best to reply within a couple of days.

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