Other sheepdog training topics

Woolly jumpers

Photo of a lot of sheep jumping a fence together

Sheep which jump out of the training area, don’t just disrupt the training session. They can injure themselves and also damage fencing and hurdles into the bargain. Sheep learn very quickly from each other, so if you do nothing about it, before long, you’ll have a whole flock of jumping sheep! Learn how to minimise the likelihood of your sheep learning to jump out of the training area during classes. (top ↑)

Use a reward, to get training on board!

How to use a reward to get your dog to ride in a vehicle!

Poor Odo went to a sheep farm, but his new owner brought him back to us a few days later, because he couldn’t get the dog into his car to go to work! That was a pity because Odo was working really well, and getting a dog into a vehicle is a very simple matter – if you know what to do! (top ↑)

Eliminate the toilet break

Teaching the dog to toilet on command

A farm dog which has stopped to relieve itself can easily lose control of its sheep because it’s no longer concentrating on them. If this happens in a sheepdog trial, you will lose a lot of points. You might even be disqualified. Learn how easy it is to teach your dog to toilet on command, so that you can make sure it’s fully comfortable before it begins work. (top ↑)

Sheepdogs time out!

Close-up photo of three sheepdogs very close together

Following on from the very popular An Insight Into Pack Behaviour video, we thought we’d give you a real treat!
Sheepdogs Time Out” comprises of no less than four great chapters from our DVD Border Collie Sheepdogs & Friends – Still Off Duty! It’s a shade under 17 minutes of fun as well as a little training with our dogs. (top ↑)