Sheepdog Trials – getting started (2 of 2)

Close work in yards pens and sorting races with a young dog, can be difficult.

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Photo of the pen section in a sheepdog trial.

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Video Highlights

An introduction to sheepdog trials – part 2

How to tell which direction the drive will be at a sheepdog trial.
The Drive.
Taking sheep around the post as the fetch ends and the drive begins.
What the judge looks for in the fetch and drive sections of a sheepdog trial.
The most common fault as the sheep go around the post.
The importance of watching other competitors’ runs, before your own.
If the sheep go off line, you need to get them back on line correctly.
What to do if the (or some) sheep miss a gate.
A common fault at the drive gates.
The Crossdrive.
You can learn a lot by walking the course before the trial begins.
The Shed.
A common mistake at the start of the shed.
Has your shed been accepted?
Easy ways to lose points when shedding sheep!
The point when the shed section ends and the pen begins.
The Pen.
The Maltese cross.
A simple chute.
A traditional gated pen.
The point at which the pen is complete.
Tips for good penning.
The choice between ‘Retiring’ or being ‘Timed-out’.
The Single
What to do at the end of your run.
Don’t fall foul of ‘The Standard’.
You won’t get any advantage in sheepdog trials by throwing money at it!
Make sure you and your dog are ready, before you enter a sheepdog trial.
Something to remember when things go wrong at a sheepdog trial.
Different types of sheepdog trials explained.
Are novice and nursery trials easier than open trials?
Sheepdog trials are NOT sheepdog training grounds.
Examples of sheepdog trial sections.

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Much more just than gathering sheep

Part 2 of our sheepdog trials video tutorials, continues around the course from the end of the ‘Fetch‘. It illustrates what the judges do and don’t want to see. There is also a description of the various types of sheepdog trial, from Nursery right through to World trials. The two videos are intended to help anyone who’s interested, to prepare themselves and their dog for the challenge of sheepdog trials.

Sheepdogs’ Time Out!

Sheepdog Trials 1


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