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4 responses to “Signup for One Year Membership with One PayPal Payment”

  1. julie avatar


    I have the membership with yearly automatic renewal. I’d like to enter a different credit card. How is this done?

    Thank you!

    PS: Is brace working 2 dogs together? My 2 dogs and I have been trying it on our own, but it goes awry quite often. Will you please come to the United States and train us? Just kidding, maybe. Do you know of training videos?

    1. Andy avatar

      Thanks for your message – and for subscribing to our online tutorials. We have just created a page to make it easier for members to update payment details. If you log into your account, you’ll see the link near the top of the page.

      Regarding working two dogs at once – yes, that’s “Brace Work”.
      It’s not an area that I excel at, because ideally you teach your dogs completely different commands from the very beginning of their training. I have to admit to getting muddled as to which dog was on which commands. However, when I had Kay and Carew working together, I found that by simply saying the relevant dog’s name before I gave the command (and then correcting the other dog if it responded to it) they very quickly adapted, and I could work them together very efficiently.

      The dogs must have the right temperament though. Both dogs must be prepared to stop and wait while you work the other!

      As with all dog training, start off with something very simple at first to get them used to the idea. If both dogs can drive, simply walk along with them behind the sheep, and try stopping the one, while encouraging the other to keep going. I’m planning to do a tutorial on it soon – but our field has been far to wet for training for some months. Even taking the dogs out for their run is damaging what little grazing our sheep have.

      The only brace training video I know of is “That’ll Do” by H Glyn Jones. Unfortunately, it’s region 2 PAL, which might not play on a DVD player in the US unless you have a “region-free” player and a TV capable of playing PAL format. It WILL play on a PC, but I know that Macs limit the number of region changes you can make (US is Region 1) so you might only be able to watch it four or five times at most.
      I hope all this is of help to you – and thanks again for being a subscriber!

  2. Daniela Gerber-Mattli avatar

    Good evening,
    I wouldlike to sign up for 1 year Membership, but I can’t do it. I tried several times with different plans, but it tells me every time, that my email address is already in use. But I have only this email address.
    Thank you for your help.
    Regards Daniela

    1. Andy avatar

      If you get that message it means you already have an account.
      All you need to do is login to that account (you can use the email address if you forgot your username) and look for the UPGRADE link.
      It’ll work fine then!

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