Eliminate the toilet break – stop your dog toileting as it works

Stop your dog toileting as it works, to improve its work with farm livestock.

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Teaching the dog to toilet on command

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Video Highlights

Make sure the dog ‘goes’ before it begins work

It’s important your dog doesn’t stop to relieve itself, when it’s working sheep or cattle.
A dog which has stopped, can lose control of the stock.
Some dogs stop for a toilet break, to avoid doing something they don’t want to do.
If the dog stops for a ‘comfort break’ in a sheepdog trial, it’ll lose a lot of points.
Reasons why dogs stop for a toilet break, while working sheep or cattle.
How to teach your dog to ‘toilet’ on command.
The best time to teach the dog to ‘toilet’ on command, is first thing in the morning.
‘Toileting’ on command, means the dog’s work will be uninterrupted. It also improves the dog’s self control.
After dogs have been running around, they often ‘do their business’.
Look for opportunities, to teach your dog to ‘toilet’ on command.
If you’re travelling, or competing in sheepdog trials, it’s very useful if the dog will ‘toilet’ on command.
A brief summary of the tutorial.

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When you need to go…

Not only is it not professional, but dog which has stopped to relieve itself can easily lose control of its sheep because it’s no longer concentrating on them. If this happens in a sheepdog trial, you will lose a lot of points. Learn how easy it is to stop your dog toileting as it works by teaching it to toilet on command. Make sure the dog’s fully comfortable before it begins work.

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