Stopping the dog (2 of 3)

Teach your sheepdog to stop on command – the second video in our series about getting the dog to stand still.

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Photo of a man training a dog to stop on command

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Video Highlights

Train a sheepdog to stand still

Progress checklist.
A dog which stops easily in early training.
Good stops in the early stages of training are rare.
Training sheepdogs involves compromise.
Over-strict training can damage the dog’s confidence.
Teach the dog to go around the sheep.
When pre-training begins to pay-off.
When you can’t catch the dog you’ll find that crouching down, as you call it, can often help.
Calling the dog away from sheep.
Some dogs get more aggressive as they tire.
Using the rope-chain will usually result in the dog working steadily.
Always try to maximise the dog’s confidence.
Blocking the dog will help to stop it as long as you block it effectively.
Once it stops, let the dog go again!
Once you can stop the dog on the far side of the sheep, the next stage is walking backwards, to improve many aspects of the dog’s training.
Stop the dog when it’s farther away.

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Teach your sheepdog to stop on command

PART 2 of our three video series, showing how to train your sheepdog to stop on command. We assume you’ve already watched part one, and hopefully, the tutorial “How can I slow the dog down?” because both of these videos show you ways to get your dog to work more calmly.

Now you need to get the dog to stand still.

The videos encourage you to look closely at your relationship with your dog, Especially the amount of respect the dog has for you as its leader, and whether your actions might be making the dog more excited.

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