Stopping the dog (3 of 3)

The third video in our series about stopping a border collie or kelpie sheepdog.

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Photo of a sheepdog lying obediently on the ground - stopping a kelpie or border collie sheepdog

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Video Highlights

We begin with an example of some good stopping, provided by Pip in the training ring.
Bringing sheep in to the yard so that they can be inspected and treated.
An aggressive ewe chasing a dog away in order to protect her lamb from the dog.
A confident dog, which is controlling its sheep.
Sheep can be very quick thinkers times, so they’re able to appraise a dog’s confidence in no time.
Sheepdog trials may require ‘robotic’ dogs, but farm dogs need all-round skills.
Build confidence as you work on the stop.
The secret of getting a good stop is knowing how much to nag!
Allow the sheep to drift past, then block the dog.
Sending the dog back is well worth the effort.
Improving the stop, but not damaging the dog’s confidence.
Picking the right moment and then stopping the dog will lead to more success.
Praising the dog’s good work is essential, but a keen dog interprets praise as a sign to go!
Hard and soft commands help the dog to understand when it’s doing well or not.
Should your Stop command be Lie down, Stand or perhaps something else?
Why is it better to drag commands out?
Stand, stop, or bacon and eggs..!
Give the dog work and variation.

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Stopping a border collie or kelpie sheepdog

The three completely revised tutorials delve into the thorny issue of getting your dog to stop, in much more detail than the earlier versions. The videos explain why stopping a border collie or kelpie sheepdog isn’t easy, then they tell you what you can do to make it more likely that the dog will heed your stop or lie down command.

PART 3: Taking a close look at how you can get a good stop on your dog avoiding any damage to its confidence. You can see from the highlights above that there are many useful topics on stopping a border collie or kelpie sheepdog.

How Can I Slow The Dog Down?

Stopping the dog 1

Stopping the dog 2


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