Back to Forwards

The next step, once you and your dog have mastered "Backwards is the Way Forward".


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Back to Forwards - online sheepdog training video

Walking backwards with the dog steadily bringing the sheep up to you at the pace you choose to move back at, is one of the best exercises you can practice with a trainee dog. It will improve the dog's stop, its control of sheep, its working pace and the distance that the dog works from the sheep. In this tutorial, we go a stage further and turn our back on the dog.

Once you can trust the dog to bring the sheep steadily up behind you as you walk forwards, your training will have moved onto a new level.


  1. This has been a complete game changer for us. I was really struggling with how to slow my dog down and get her to give the sheep more space and was getting really frustrated. It’s done wonders for our working relationship. We’re beginning to trust each other. Thank you!

  2. Hi Andy, I’m a bit puzzled about the lie down command. Is it meant to get the dog to stop and just stand still, or that the dog should lie on the ground …… or both?!! Thanks

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