Bronwen and Scylla (Part 3)

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Thumbnail image for the sheep and cattle dog training tutorial: Stopping the Dog part one

Bronwen gets the sheep in, but Scylla's still horrible

The third tutorial in our Bronwen and Scylla series sees Bronwen struggle to get the sheep into the ring.

Once the sheep are in, we watch both Bronwen and Scylla's individual training sessions in the ring on the same day.

Bronwen is keen and confident, but she's often over-keen and misguided, while Scylla's tail (and her attitude to the sheep) demonstrate just how nervous she really is.

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4 Replies to “Bronwen and Scylla (Part 3)”

  1. Thank you for the suggestion to get a few dogged sheep. Before getting them I had no control over the sheep or dog. Was to the point of giving up. Noe Cutter layers down when told. Even though the sheep are not as calm as some dogged sheep. They don’t follow me as your sheep seem to do. I
    Believe in time they will and maybe it’s a good thing in the long term. For I. Believe it is teaching me and Cutter a lot. Aside from having trouble viewing videos and logging in from time to time I’m very satisfied with the videos and there content! I’m not sure if the technical issues are on your side or mine.
    Thanks again

    1. It’s good to hear that you’re making progress with Cutter, Charlotte.
      Sheep get dogged over a period of time and of course we’ve been making our sheepdog training videos for nearly ten years now, so the sheep you see in them come and go. Your sheep will settle down and as Cutter’s skill increases, the sheep will become more dogged, so you may need to change them for some more flighty ones before long. As an example, it’s much easier to teach the outrun, if the sheep move away from you and the dog. It can be quite frustrating if the dog brings the sheep, and then they refuse to go away!
      Regarding access to the videos, have you cleared the cache of your browser (probably Safari on an Apple device)?

  2. Dear Gill
    This is Charlotte I’m unable to watch videos. I can log in but get messages saying error loading media file could not be played.
    Charlotte Phipps

    1. Hello Charlotte, I’m sorry you’re experiencing problems with watching the tutorials, but they are playing perfectly well. We have no other reports of issues, and we have just tested several of them (including this one) – and all are playing perfectly.
      This means the problem lies with your provider or (more likely) your device. Please clear the cache on your browser (probably Safari if you’re using an iPhone) – or at least, login on a different device (maybe a friend’s computer?) and I’m sure you’ll find that the tutorials will play.

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