Bronwen and Scylla (Part 4)

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In tutorial number four Bronwen proves she's by no means perfect, but she continues to be a long way ahead of Scylla in terms of her reliability and sheep control.
Scylla's working much too close to the sheep. Her tail is still flying like a flag and she's far too aggressive with them.
Tiresome though she can be at times, there are signs of improvement, and even one brief moment that shows great promise!

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7 Replies to “Bronwen and Scylla (Part 4)”

  1. Hi Andy,
    You mention that Scylla required lead training lessons to get her head back in the game. It would be great if you could do a few tutorials on more general training topics such as these that would pay off in the more specific context of herding. In the meanwhile, can you recommend a book or video that shows your preferred method of lead training?


    1. We have plans to do at least one tutorial about how to prepare your dog for sheepdog training Michael, and that will include lead training. Just at the moment though, we don’t have any dogs that don’t walk on a lead! That will change in the coming months though – and assuming our field dries out by then, we can get started!
      The recently updated Sheepdog Selection and Preparation tutorial goes into more detail than this one about lead training. It still involves Scylla, but there’s more information. Lead training is mostly a question of patiently keeping the dog back, talking to it, and even turning round and going the other way, if the dog insists on pulling.

  2. Hi Andy, will you have any DVD from this years series of tutorials available for Xmas. I cant see them on the website at all this year. OH I really hope so. My hubby is a member but never gets time to watch the videos each month so I buy the videos at the end of the year. Can you let me know
    Thanks Jen

    1. We didn’t think of the tutorial DVDs as an annual release, Jen (although it would be nice)! Volume 3 is in fact very close, but it’s much too late to release it before christmas I’m afraid. I gather you already have Sheepdog Training Tutorials 1 and 2, but have you got all of our titles?
      Border Collie Sheepdogs – Off Duty!
      Border Collie Sheepdogs and Friends – Still Off Duty!
      First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training
      I know you love border collies, so if you don’t have it already, any one of those will be great entertainment for you!

      1. Hi Andy,

        Thanks for your reply. YES we have them all, I think Ive brought just about every dvd you have there now. Ok thanks, I hope it comes out soon. I guess I just presumed that since you release V1-2 prior to xmas the last couple of years that you would do the same. Shame, they make great Xmas gifts.


  3. Had wondered if you were going to show us how to manage two dogs at once. Can you tell me if you have any tutorials on that subject please…..whistles and commands. I’m trying to do it at present………….very difficult, especially because my older bitch is selectively deaf. Many thanks, I love these tutorials, well done.

    1. Let me make a confession David. The easiest way to work two dogs together is to teach them (from day one of their training) totally different commands from each other. I can do this, but being something of a “muddlehead” I find it very difficult to remember which dog’s on which commands – especially at times of crisis and when quick decisions need to be made!
      It may be because of the number of dogs I’m training at any one time – but I suspect this ought to make me better at it.
      One man who could certainly train two dogs to work well together was Glyn Jones – and his DVD “That’ll Do” is the only video I know of that clearly demonstrates how to teach dogs to work as a brace.

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