Bronwen and Scylla (2 of 9)

Part 2: Sheepdog Scylla’s introduction to training – she’s not so nice!

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Photo of Scylla being held by her trainer, Andy

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Video Highlights

Scylla demonstrates her natural style.
Scylla in the training ring.
Kay comes to the rescue.
Signs of improvement.
Widening Scylla’s flanks.
Scylla flanking between sheep and hurdles.
Moving back quickly to allow Scylla to bring the sheep.
Scylla splits the sheep again.
A tiny outrun.
Scylla won’t stop!
She stops, so it’s time to let her go again!
Definite improvement, but she won’t stop.
Sheep off the fence in the away direction.
She still won’t stop!
Kay to the rescue again!

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Scylla’s introduction to sheepdog training!

In part one we saw how good Bronwen’s sheep control can be. We caught a glimpse of Scylla’s antics too. In this tutorial, we find out just how difficult Scylla can be when she encounters sheep.

When Scylla gets into the training ring she’s very trying at first. With a little help from Kay, the youngster begins to show her natural talent. There’s still a long way to go, but Scylla’s definitely got what it takes!

Bronwen and Scylla 3


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