Bronwen and Scylla (3 of 9)

Part 3: Compare training two young sheepdogs. Bronwen gets the sheep in. Scylla’s still horrible!

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Photo showing a dog with its tail in the air, suggesting the dog is nervous

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Video Highlights

Bronwen brings the sheep to the ring.
The dog’s too close!
The dog’s pushing too hard!
Chasing the sheep away.
Bronwen brings the sheep again!
Pushing too hard again!
Bronwen brings the sheep (take 3)
The dog’s following the sheep, not flanking.
Driving the sheep away by not flanking.
A bit of good luck!

Just look at that TAIL!

Look at Bronwen’s tail.
Bronwen in the training ring.
Getting sheep off the hurdles.
Stopping Bronwen by blocking her.
Calling the dog to you.
Look at Scylla’s tail!
Scylla in the training ring.
Scylla splits the sheep.
Watch the dog closely as it flanks.
Stop the dog and keep it in place.
Move back so the dog can bring the sheep.
‘Push’ the dog out, and follow it round.
Attemping to catch Scylla.
The dog’s most likely to grip when you release it.
Stop the dog and keep it in place again.


Scylla can’t be trusted yet…
Walking between the dog and the sheep.
She’s not so good in the away direction.
Try to get in early with corrections.
Watch the dog, or you’ll go ‘giddy’
Try to reverse through the sheep.
Can Scylla get the sheep off the hurdles?
Trying to get the dog, on the far side of the sheep.
The sheep are puffing but not gasping.
Getting tougher – and Scylla stops!
Catching the dog again.
Can Scylla be released without gripping?
You can’t put this much pressure on sensitive dogs.
Calling the dog to you.
Well, maybe one more go!
Catching Scylla is easier now!

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Bronwen struggles, Scylla’s horrible!

This third tutorial in our Bronwen and Scylla series, we compare training two young sheepdogs. Bronwen struggle to get the sheep into the training ring. Once the sheep are in, we see training sessions with both of the dogs in the ring on the same day. Bronwen is keen and confident, but she’s often over-keen and misguided. Scylla’s tail (and her aggression towards the sheep) demonstrate just how nervous she really is.

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