Bronwen and Scylla (4 of 9)

Part 4: Bronwen’s no angel Scylla’s improving slowly.

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Photo of trainee sheepdog Scylla showing great courage in the face of a stubborn sheep

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Video Highlights

The story so far!
Why it’s a good idea to move out into the open field as soon as you can.
Look at Scylla’s tail as she approaches the training ring.
Now look at Bronwen’s tail position.
Setting Bronwen up, to go round the sheep without splitting them.
Trying to set Scylla up, to go round the sheep (a sheep jumps out).
The strength of the flock instinct in sheep.
The time when a dog is most likely to attack the sheep.
Not great, but Bronwen goes around the sheep – just!
The sheep are split up by Scylla.
Scylla doesn’t want to go round the sheep.
Showing remarkable strength of character.
Bronwen flanks too tightly in the training ring.
Taking the pressure off Bronwen by allowing her to work without commands.
Bronwen works inside the ring with Andy on the outside.
Bronwen vents her frustration.
Working Bronwen without hand signals to test her commands.
Stroking the dog and praising it, before sending it off again.
Catching Bronwen and leading her away from the sheep.
In we go!

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Nobody’s perfect…

In tutorial number four, Bronwen proves she’s no angel when she’s under pressure during her sheepdog training lessons! She continues to be far ahead of Scylla in terms of reliability and sheep control though.

Scylla’s still working much too close to the sheep. Her tail still flies like a flag, and she’s far too aggressive with the stock. Tiresome though she can be at times, there are definite signs of improvement. One brief moment shows great promise!

Bronwen and Scylla 5


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