Bronwen and Scylla (5 of 9)

Part 5: Bronwen’s erratic while Scylla’s awful!

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Photo of a Border Collie being trained to work she inside a training ring

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Video Highlights

Introducing the trainee sheepdog to new sheep.
Using the training stick to push the dog out wider.
A sheep goes down (collapses).
Why the sheep keep returning to the same place in the ring.
Sheepdog Bronwen’s session with fresh sheep is affected by cattle.
Getting the sheep into the centre of the training ring.
The sheep run towards nearby cattle.
At last the sheep come into the middle of the ring.
Calling the dog away from the sheep.
Sheep welfare – these sheep are panting (not gasping).

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Sheep in all directions…

Scylla takes an almighty aggressive charge, and scatters the sheep in all directions. Four of the sheep leave the ring but, once under control, Scylla was impressive at times. She’s particularly good at keeping the sheep off the hurdles.

Unfortunately Scylla’s lesson was brought to an early end when a sheep collapsed with stress exhaustion. Fortunately, once the sheep was left in peace, it was soon up and about again. We continued training with a fresh bunch of sheep.

Bronwen’s performance was erratic at first. This was largely because she was distracted by the close proximity of some inquisitive cattle nearby.

Bronwen and Scylla 6


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