Bronwen and Scylla (6 of 9)

Part 6: Is Scylla ready to work outside the ring?

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Close photo of Border Collie trainee sheepdogs Bronwen and Scylla

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Video Highlights

The goal is to get the dog working out in the open field.
Setting the dog up, to go around the sheep.
Widening the dog’s flanks.
Setting the dog little tasks.
Bronwen gets the sheep out of the training ring and into the field.
Can Bronwen get the sheep back into the training ring?
The ‘walking backwards‘ exercise helps Bronwen bring the sheep back.
Now can we get the sheep into the ring?
Calling the dog away from the sheep.

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Is the dog ready to work in the field?

Part six of our series comparing the training of litter sisters, Bronwen and Scylla. Scylla continues to make slow progress in the ring. Andy’s hoping to get her out of the training ring and into the field, but has to ask himself: is the dog ready to work in the field? For now, he concentrates on getting her to flank smoothly and keep back off the sheep.

Bronwen begins by diving into the sheep and gripping, but she settles down, so Andy works on her flank commands. They take the sheep out of the ring, but the dog rushes at the sheep and they run away.

Bronwen isn’t flanking properly either; she’s just chasing the sheep. The sheep run far across the field before Andy gets close enough to get Bronwen under control again.

Bronwen and Scylla 7


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