Bronwen and Scylla (7 of 9)

Part 7: A sheepdog flanking or circling too wide around stock

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Photo of a dog being set up for an outrun during training

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Video Highlights

Bronwen’s task is to bring the sheep into the sorting pen.
The dog begins flanking extremely wide.
Bronwen’s back under control!
Walking backwards towards the pens.

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Flanking or circling too wide!

In part seven, of our Bronwen and Scylla comparison, we focus entirely on Bronwen. Although she’s far more advanced and reliable than her sister, Scylla, she’s developed an all-too common problem: a sheepdog going too wide around stock.

When a dog works too far back from sheep or cattle the stock quickly learn that the dog’s not in a position to control them, and they’re likely to run away.

The video shows that being firm, but patient, with the errant dog, and using practical work to show the dog that it needs to maintain control, will help to stop the dog flanking or casting out too wide.

Bronwen and Scylla 8


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