Bronwen and Scylla (8 of 9)

Part 8: Recognising training progress. Scylla’s work is improving!

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Close-up photo of a 'smiling' Border Collie Scylla

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Video Highlights

Scylla’s tail position hasn’t improved!
Walking between dog and sheep to widen flanks.
Why Scylla’s not ready to work in the open field yet.
Using both hands can make the dog go wider.
Scylla showing courage.
Using both hands again, to widen Scylla out.
Controlling the dog with body language alone.
Back to body language only.
But is Scylla ready for the open field yet?
Calling the dog away from sheep.

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Give praise where it’s due.

When a dog’s proving slow to train, recognising training progress is particularly important. Dogs love to be praised, so it’s important to communicate approval and encouragement to the dog when it’s work is improved, even if it’s not fully up to the standard you aspire to.

It’s through such guidance that the dog learns more quickly what pleases the handler and what doesn’t.
Part eight of the Bronwen and Scylla training comparison focuses on Scylla and points out the areas of her work which deserve praise and encouragement, as well as those which are still a long way below par.

Bronwen and Scylla 9


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