Bronwen and Scylla (9 of 9)

Part 9: Bronwen getting sheep out of a tight place (without drama)!

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Photo of a trainee sheepdog losing control of its sheep in a tight corner

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Video Highlights

Go back – and stay there!

Teaching the dog to go back – and stay there!
Bronwen’s first attempt at bringing the sheep out.
Now Bronwen faces one sheep under the pear tree.
Bronwen’s second attempt at getting the sheep out.
Using a run outside the pen.
Bronwen thinks the sheep are escaping, and wants to bring them back.
Getting three sheep out of a very small pen.
Bronwen attempts to get the three sheep out of the sorting pen.

Mel shows how it’s done!

Mel shows how to get sheep out of a tightly packed pen.
Working Bronwen increasingly close to a tight corner.
How the shape of the pen affects the dog’s work.
A big improvement at getting the sheep out of the pen.
Stopping Bronwen in the back of the pen.
Tightening the pen entrance to make it more difficult.
A bigger bunch of sheep for Bronwen to try.
Bronwen stays in place while Andy picks a hurdle off the ground.
Bronwen stops in the perfect place.
A second hurdle falls down, and chaos descends!
A good ‘look back’!
The likely reason for Bronwen ignoring the escaping sheep.
Bronwen quickly moved on to farm work – and excelled!

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Now for something more challenging!

Bronwen’s been making great progress. Now it’s time to give her some more difficult tasks to work on. She’s already quite good at penning the sheep but getting sheep out of a tight place, or putting them through the sheep handling race, are both a very different matter.
In this tutorial, you’ll see many aspects of training sheepdogs. Teaching the dog to stay back out of the way when required, is very important. The “look back” and ways to reduce the dog’s fear when working close to the sheep are also covered.

Balance, What’s The Point?


One response to “Bronwen and Scylla (9 of 9)”

  1. Cheryl Barker avatar
    Cheryl Barker

    I enjoyed your series on Bronwen and Scylla. I have two older pups 18 mo. that I have had in the round pen five times. I have just started working them in a larger corral and they are going to balance and walking up on the sheep and moving them past me. From your video’s you seem to work on them circling and then changing direction. Is that to keep them free moving? I am finding that my two will catch the eye and then go back to check the other flank. Do I need to work on them moving freely around? I can do that but it takes a lot of encouragement on my part to get them to go off balance. Both of them will move their sheep calmly off a fence or panel. I can send a video of the female so you can see where we are if you can direct me how to attach a video.

    Thank you,

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