Calm but Firm

It's so important to appear calm, even when you're not!


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A dog which is aggressive with the sheep, but runs away as soon as the trainer attempts to correct it, is among the most difficult dogs to train. Audrey not only fits this description perfectly, but just for good measure, refuses to go "Away" around the sheep too. The Calm but Firm tutorial will show you how to cope with these difficult dogs. Featuring footage from actual training sessions.


  1. I would like to know how to get my dog to slow down. He only seems to know stop and then very fast, running at the sheep. What would you suggest? Is there a video that addresses this more?

    1. That’s a very popular question, June. Slowing the dog down won’t happen quickly. It’s caused by the ‘thrill of the chase’ and the novelty of being close to sheep. The more you work the dog on stock, provided you show good, calm leadership and praise the dog when it’s working steadily, its pace will slow down.

      We’re aiming to do a tutorial on it in the near future, but there are several which cover the topic already look at the Categories and you’ll find it. I also wrote a blog about training your dog to slow down.

  2. Great video, I’ve now progressed from dog holding sheep to any fence/corner to only getting them off in comebye direction, so this is perfect, thank you! ( day 6).

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