Shedding (or Separating) The Sheep

Extremely useful on the farm, and essential for sheepdog trials. You'll need to 'shed' the sheep!


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Thumbnail image for the sheep and cattle dog training tutorial: Shedding

Shedding is one of those operations that contradicts the basic rules we've taught the dog so far. Previously, we've insisted the dog keeps the sheep together, but to shed them, we must teach the dog to part them again. Many dogs take readily to shedding, but it's understandable if a young dog's confused or worried by it. As with most sheepdog training, the key to success is to make the task as easy as possible when we start.

This tutorial shows how to teach a dog to shed sheep by making it as easy as possible for the dog to come through them. Featuring footage from actual training sessions this tutorial has a running commentary throughout.


    1. I am not sure what you mean, Andrea. If you mean you would like to see a more detailed video about shedding (or if any part of this video is not clear) please let me know.

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