Sometimes Nice is Not Enough

Does your dog have difficulty moving stubborn sheep or other livestock?


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sheepdog training video about improving the dogs confidence with stubborn stock

It’s all very well training your dog to keep back from the sheep and not upset them, but what can you do if the sheep refuse to go where the dog’s trying to put them? For the welfare of the sheep, they simply must be handled, treated for any ailments and managed, so we need to teach the dog to get tough when the time arises.

Find out how Carew’s confidence grew immensely once she learned to be more assertive. As well as difficult sheep, Carew can now handle stubborn cattle with relative ease.

35 responses to “Sometimes Nice is Not Enough”

  1. Arye Ehrenberg avatar

    Hello Andy. great & helpful tutorial.
    How can I apply this in training or farm work, and avoid being disqualified in the trials, as the dog might bite a sheep?

    1. Andy avatar

      You only use the training methods in this tutorial if the dog is lacking confidence, but even with normal training, it’s up to the handler to correct the dog if it’s too aggressive. That way, the dog will learn that it must not bite the sheep unless it really needs to.

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