Teach Your Dog to Work on Whistle Commands

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It's much harder to learn to blow a sheepdog whistle than it is to teach the dog to work on them!

This totally remade tutorial takes you through the process of familiarising your dog with whistle commands.

Bronwen's quite good with voice commands and now Andy wants to teach her to work on whistle commands. It doesn't take long before the young dog gets the idea!

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6 Replies to “Teach Your Dog to Work on Whistle Commands”

  1. I have found your way of handling dogs impressive l I have learned a great deal about the way a dog thanks. I wrote you earlier about getting the sheep off the fence. I trip everything things suggested. I realized I was running my dog. A dog that worked for someone else with tale down worked with me tale up scattering sheep everywhere. I tried different sheep was slightly better but I was teaching how to work sheep the wrong way. I have scence sent Cutter to a trainer. I’m so glad that I made that decision. He is now improving at a rate I’m happy with. I just didn’t have gentle enough sheep and wasn’t experienced enough to help Cutter do what I was asking. My point is that I would not have had the education to make the wisest decision to get him trained. I thank you for that. Thanks Charlotte

  2. Hello Andy,
    One problem with the whistle is the Away. Just cannot get the High to low sound for the Away command. Practise makes perfect, so I give myself some extra training but……
    Another problem that I have is that Kate wants to be with me and herd the sheep away, while I need her to spilt the flock. Kate goes too far around the sheep and the excercise is not balanced.
    Back to basics.
    In your video you do stop the dog from going too far around the circle. Timing!
    Any tips?

  3. All is well Andy. I was sitting in the schade. Lots of Trees in our garden. As soon as I moved – Connected!!!!!!!

  4. I find IT difficult blowing the Whistler. Luckily BC Kate is better than her owner. Yvonne

    1. In normal use, the main advantage of the whistle is that the dog can hear it at much greater distance than it can hear the human voice – especially in a noisy environment. Normally, I don’t introduce the whistle until the dog is flanking and stopping well – and can work at some distance from me. The reason for this is that when I train a dog I use the tone of my voice to let the dog know when it’s working well, or otherwise. You cannot express pleasure or displeasure with a whistle.

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