Outrun (Part 3) Slingshot

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Thumbnail image for the sheep and cattle dog training tutorial: Outrun (3) The Slingshot

Part three in our series of Outrun tutorials demonstrates how we use a simple technique we call "The Slingshot", to make the dog go out much wider on its outrun or when flanking the sheep.

"The Slingshot" is one of the most important and highly effective techniques we know of for quickly improving the dog's outrun.

If you're can get your dog's cooperation, it will absolutely love doing "Slingshot" outruns, and go out much wider.

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12 Replies to “Outrun (Part 3) Slingshot”

  1. hi again
    I find the tutorials outrun 1,2,3 excelent. I think it´s very smart with the subtitles. They give you a chans to think and remember and compere with your own train ing, i´s very clever done.
    Thankyou for these smart tutorials.

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