The outrun (3 of 3)

Find out how you can use the slingshot to widen your dog’s outrun.

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Photo of a dog which has been sent to gather sheep using a slingshot technique

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Video Highlights

Introduction to the slingshot!

The ‘slingshot’ outrun.
A trainee dog outrunning from the handler’s side.
‘Slinghshot’ outrun. Same dog sheep and field – a few minutes later!
The outrun tutorial to watch if the dog comes-in tight near the sheep.
How to teach your dog to do ‘slingshot’ outruns.
The dog sets-off OK on its outrun, but crosses-over.
A dog which didn’t find the ‘slingshot’ easy to begin with.
Walking through the sheep and calling the dog away.
Calling the dog away from the sheep for another outrun.
Calling the dog away from the sheep for yet another outrun.
A TERRIBLE outrun!
Calling the dog away from the sheep again.
SUCCESS! The dog comes away from the sheep – and does a ‘slingshot’ outrun.
The same dog, four days later…
The ‘slingshot’ working well.
Zoe – the champion slingshot dog!
Zoe crosses-over!

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Use the slingshot to widen your dog’s outrun

Part 3 of the Outrun sheepdog training tutorials shows how we use the slingshot to widen your dog’s outrun or when flanking the sheep. “The Slingshot” is one of the most important and highly effective techniques we know of for quickly improving the dog’s outrun.
It sometimes takes a little patience to learn how to use it, but if you can get your dog’s cooperation, it will absolutely love doing “Slingshot” outruns – and it’ll go out much wider, too!

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