The Training Ring (Part 2)

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The training ring is a hugely useful asset when starting a dog off with sheep but it's use doesn't end there.

As the dog's skill increases, the training ring can play a vital role in more advanced training.

Watch this tutorial to find out how to use the training ring to help teach your dog driving, circling the sheep, and yard work as well as well as generally improving your control of the dog.


Sticky Dogs Driving Inside Flanks (Circle Sheep) 2

8 Replies to “The Training Ring (Part 2)”

  1. The videos are really helpful, so thank you. I may have missed it, but how often would you recommend training a dog when you are starting? Once a day? What sort of duration? Thanks

  2. For me it was the perfect video at the right time!! Watched it this morning and trained Like that Just after. First Ben was very concerned and too quick, nur He settled down and die a great Job at this new Task!!!
    Thank you so much for giving advice Like that! I Used a Lot of your Videos for Training my sensitive sheepdog and it workes perfectly Well!! Don’t Stop making new Videos Like that, they Help a lot!!

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