The training ring (2 of 2)

Part 2: Advanced work in the sheepdog training ring

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Photo showing the use of a training ring for more advanced sheepdog training

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Video Highlights

Not just for starting the dog off

It’s easy to adapt your training ring’s size and shape.
Using the training ring for more advanced training.
Introducing the dog to driving.
Using a nearby hedge to extend the training ring.
When the sheep are in position, call the dog back.
Setting the dog up correctly tells it where the sheep are.
Circling the sheep on command.

Confined spaces

Introducing the dog to working in confined spaces.
Keeping the dog near while you work, keeps the sheep away.
Dulcie drives the sheep into the shallow pen.
The sheep come out very easily.
Using a little ‘slingshot‘ technique to widen Dulcie’s flanks.
Tightening the shallow pen (with the dog nearby).
Dulcie puts the sheep into the tighter pen.
Dulcie can’t resist grabbing a sheep.
Making the dog go the way you want it to.

Tighter and tighter

Dulcie gets the sheep out of the tighter pen easily.
The sheep tight in the back of the pen, could be a challenge.
Tightening the pen still more…
Keeping the dog close while you work.
If the dog’s sticky (fixated by the sheep) keep the dog moving.
Once the dog gets the sheep out of a tight pen, keep it going.
Making the job more difficult.
Using a shushing sound to boost the dog’s confidence.
The dog’s confidence is building.
A larger number of sheep in a tight pen.
Keep the dog very close as you walk into the pen.
A great demonstration of getting sheep out of a pen.

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Transform your sheepdog training

A correctly sized training ring is simple to make, and will transform the early stages of sheepdog training. That’s not all it can do though.

A sheepdog training ring can also be an extremely useful aid when it comes to teaching the dog more difficult tasks later on, such as teaching the dog to drive, circling the sheep on command and working in tight spaces.

In part two of this tutorial, we show how with a few very simple changes we can teach our dog more advanced work in the training ring.

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