Top tips for easier training

Ways to make sure training your dog goes as smoothly as possible


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Nobody would claim that training a dog to work sheep or other livestock is an easy matter. But by understanding what is going on and why, and by paying attention to just a few basic details, we can make the process so much easier for both dog and handler.

In this video Andy shows how to correct the points which will be most beneficial when you train a herding dog, but are so often missed by novice trainers.

36 responses to “Top tips for easier training”

  1. Michaela Doecke avatar

    Thank you so much for this tutorial, it was very helpful!
    I’m training my first sheepdog, a 2 yr old kelpie who is very keen and working well on both sheep and cattle. His training is progressing a little slowly though, due to lack of regular training and probably my inexperience, but I’m sure he will get there eventually!
    I am thoroughly enjoying all of your videos and find them very useful. In the future will you be doing a tutorial focusing entirely on a kelpie? I’m sure that would be very interesting.

  2. Gill Evans avatar

    Really useful! looking forward to watching the rest of them. Sound quality excellent on my PC.

    1. Andy avatar

      Thanks, Gill. Your feedback is extremely useful to us.

  3. Daphne Tomblin avatar

    No problem with the sound on my I Pad. Just wanted to compliment you on yet another helpful tutorial ..I enjoy your presentations

    1. Andy avatar

      Thanks for the feedback, Daphne. Its very helpful to us!

  4. David Knight avatar

    Top tips for easier training sounds awful………….like in a empty barn. Sorry, not up to your usual standard…….or is there a tip on audio settings I need to know ?



    1. Andy avatar

      Sorry you don’t like the sound, David. Both Gill and I have checked it on two different computers and an iPad, as well as TV. It sounds fine to us, both with, and without headphones!
      Perhaps you could try listening on a different device in case something at your end is affecting it?

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