Top tips for easier training

Ways to make sure training your dog goes as smoothly as possible


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Nobody would claim that training a dog to work sheep or other livestock is an easy matter. But by understanding what is going on and why, and by paying attention to just a few basic details, we can make the process so much easier for both dog and handler.

In this video Andy addresses points which are so often missed by novice trainers, including safety, the difference between training a dog to herd sheep compared to obedience and other forms of dog training, the dog’s hunting instinct and pack behaviour.

He also asks whether you’re a suitable trainer

Links to the tutorials mentioned in this video are below.

  1. An insight into pack behaviour
  2. Driving
  3. Get off the fence
  4. Learn your commands
  5. Sheep
  6. Sheepdog selection and preparation
  7. Sometimes nice is not enough
  8. The dog’s confidence
  9. The outrun
  10. The training ring
  11. What shall I do next?
Top tips for easier training

42 responses to “Top tips for easier training”

  1. Arye Ehrenberg avatar

    Dear Andy & Gill. My yearly membership is about to end. I really enjoyed your wonderful tutorials.
    I learned a lot from them, in fact they enabled me to start training my dog, since there isn’t sufficient knowledge about it here in Israel.
    I also bought the book ” a way of life” by G. johns. Without your tutorials I wouldn’t have been able to understand what he is talking about.
    All the best

    1. Andy avatar

      Thank you Arye, both for subscribing to our online tutorials, and for your feedback.
      It’s very useful to know when we are producing videos that are helpful to our members.
      Good luck to you and your dog for the future!

  2. Linda Ferguson avatar

    When I am home, I would love to cast the videos on my television so that I can view it better. Any help in this matter? There is no symbol on video to click on and cast the signal to my television. Thank you.

    1. Andy avatar

      For technical reasons, we’re not able to offer casting at the present time, Linda.

  3. margarita Fernández Wiberg avatar

    hi! I am trying to wath the course in a Mobil phone… but it stops all the time and stays blocked… is it only for computers and expensive pones? or… is it possible to wath it with a normal not expensive one?

    1. Gill avatar

      Provided you have a suitable network reception you should be able to watch the videos.

      On the video screen you’ll see HD at the bottom right hand corner.Click on it and set the dropdown menu to AUTO. This will automatically select the best quality video for your internet connection.

      I hope this helps. Thank you for subscribing to the tutorials, I hope you’ll find them useful.


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