Sticky Dogs (too much eye)

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"Too much eye" is nothing more than a confidence problem

"That dog's got too much eye!"  You'll sometimes hear this when a sheepdog, invariably a Border collie, appears mesmerised by the sheep, and reluctant to move. But is 'eye' something you're stuck with?

The "Sticky Dogs!" tutorial demonstrates that you don't have to live with this start-stop style.

In this tutorial Andy works with Mab in an assertive, but kind, and encouraging way, with the emphasis always on keeping the dog moving as much as possible.

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12 Replies to “Sticky Dogs (too much eye)”

  1. my 9 months old border collie is very much like mab, she like to hold on to the sheep,out runs are good i use the walk on, thats also good,thats just what i needed to show my nellie keep her moveing. many thanks

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