Woolly Jumpers

Once one sheep learns to jump out, they’ll all be doing it soon!


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Sheep which jump out of the training area, don’t just disrupt the training session. They can injure themselves and even damage fencing and hurdles into the bargain. They. also learn very quickly from each other, so if you do nothing about it, you’ll soon have a whole flock of jumping sheep!

If you understand why the sheep are jumping out, you can take steps to reduce the likelihood of them learning to jump, and how you can cope with jumpers, if you already have them.

Woolly Jumpers

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  1. Debbie Crowder avatar

    Thank you for helping me wjth my password! I am enjoying the tutorials tremendously! I have a strong coming 2 year old, he’s a great boy but such a challenge. Looking forward to some time to spend on your website, I’m intrigued, but holding trials next weekend, lots of work. I truly appreciate your devotion to the dogs. Debbie in Virginia

    1. Andy avatar

      Thanks Debbie, it’s good to know you find the tutorials helpful. Good luck with training your dog.

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