Training Max – the gripper! (2 of 3)

Continuing training a sheepdog which is aggressive with sheep

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Photo of an aggressive-looking dog standing outside a sheepdog training ring

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Video Highlights

The story so far!

On release, the dog runs straight at the sheep to attack them.
In the dog’s first lesson at home, he was very hard on the sheep.
The rope-chain can help to control aggressive dogs around sheep.
The rope-chain worked remarkably well.
Working the dog without the rope-chain.
The dog worked well until he was given an outrun. Then he gripped badly.
Setting the dog up for a second outrun, and chasing it out around the sheep.
The dog’s fourth training session – 18th May
Setting the dog up for a short outrun.
A well-timed tap of the stick on the ground, makes the dog go out wider.
The dog is beginning to flank nicely around the sheep.
Correcting the dog when it goes the wrong way.
Using a soft voice when the dog’s working well.
Attempting to stop the dog in a particular place.
Keeping the dog in place, and walking backwards with the sheep.
Stopping the dog behind the sheep, and walking backwards.
Attempting to get the sheep off the fence.
Stopping the dog, catching it, and sending it off again.
Get between the sheep and the dog, crouch down, and call it to you.
Stopping the dog, and finishing the training session.

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Can Max keep up the good work?

PART 2. After a quick recap of the unpleasant start to Max’s training, this tutorial shows him making good progress. In the training ring he’s even starting to bring the sheep up to the handler but he’s difficult to stop.

Andy’s careful to start the training session correctly, to give Max the best chance of going around the sheep without gripping or splitting them. Can Max keep up the good work?

Max had no training of any kind, at any time in between the lessons IN THIS SERIES.

Training Max – the Gripper 3

Training Max – The Gripper 1


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