Training Max the gripper (3 of 3)

Getting an aggressive sheepdog under control is of paramount importance for the welfare of the sheep

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Getting an aggressive sheepdog under control is of paramount importance for the welfare of the sheep

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Video Highlights

Max’s training progress so far.

The rope-chain helped to control Max, and then he went even better without it.
A short outrun didn’t go well though.
Max soon settled down again.
In part two, Max started off well, and he continued to perform nicely.
Fifth training session – 25th May.
Setting the dog up to go round the sheep.
Using a calm voice when the dog’s working well.
Blocking the dog to make it change direction.
Leading the dog away from the sheep, and then setting it up for a short outrun.
Setting the dog up for a short outrun.
Teaching the dog several things at once.
Making the dog flank in the direction you say, and not the way he prefers.
Walking between the dog and the sheep, so as to widen him out.
Insisting the dog goes the way he was commanded.
Holding the dog’s collar to lead it away from the sheep, for a small outrun.
Stopping the dog and taking him away from the sheep to prepare him for another outrun.

To get the sheep out of the ring – and maintain control

Attempting to stop the dog near the hurdles and take the sheep out of the ring.
The dog lunges at the sheep as he’s led past them.
If you have the dog with you when you open the hurdles, the sheep won’t run out.
Opening the hurdles wide to make it easier to get sheep out, and back in.
Setting the dog up for an outrun, to bring the sheep out of the training ring.
The dog grips, but flanks around the outside of the ring, and keeps control of the sheep!
The dog is flanking round the sheep out in the open field!
Attempting to get the sheep back into the training ring with Max.
Max sets runs off around the outside of the training ring again, and this time he completes two laps!
Taking the sheep out of the training ring again.
Trying to get the dog to walk-up on the sheep.
The dog runs around the outside of the training ring again!
A well-timed correction warns the dog off from the sheep.
At last the dog actually stops behind the sheep for a moment!
Flanking the dog from side to side so that he can to bring the sheep into the training ring.
The dog sets off around the training ring again!
A big step forward in the dog’s training.
‘Waltzing’ the sheep back into the training ring.
Stopping the dog brings to end a very good training session.
Max went on to become a very good worker with both sheep and cattle.

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Getting control of an aggressive sheepdog

PART 3: The final part of our “Training Max the Gripper” tutorials sees Max working well in the training ring but then Andy decides to move the action out into the open field.

Find out how Max copes with taking the sheep out of the training ring, and whether or not he manages to get them back into it before the session ends.

Max had no training of any kind, at any time in between the lessons IN THIS SERIES.

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