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  1. Back to Forwards! Once the dog can bring the sheep up as you walk backwards, go “Back to forwards”! - 13.5 min
  2. Backwards is the Way Forward! A vital exercise to improve the dog's pace, working distance and control. - 12.5 min
  3. Balance - Whats the Point?. To understand how your dog works you must understand the point of balance. - 7.0 min
  4. Bronwen & Scylla 1. Bronwen works well from the start, while Scylla constantly attacks the sheep. - 19.0 min
  5. Bronwen & Scylla 2. Scylla in the training ring. Awful at first, but she shows potential. - 11.0 min
  6. Bronwen & Scylla 3. Bronwen's keen and confident but misguided, while Scylla's tail betrays her mindset. - 22.0 min
  7. Bronwen & Scylla 4. Bronwen's not so good, but far, far ahead of Scylla in terms of her work with sheep. - 18.0 min
  8. Bronwen & Scylla 5. New sheep - and while Bronwen's erratic, some of Scylla's sheep prefer to leave! - 23.0 min
  9. Bronwen & Scylla 6. Scylla's not ready for the open field, but Bronwen is - or maybe she isn't. - 20.0 min
  10. Bronwen & Scylla 7. Bronwen's going too wide and loses contact with her stock. She must learn to come in. - 6.0 min
  11. Bronwen & Scylla 8. It's important to be able to recognise when the dog's improving - and tell the dog! - 12.5 min
  12. Calm But Firm. It takes self-control but, if you can be calm yet firm with your dog, it will be far easier to train. - 10.5 min
  13. Close Work 1. Getting stock through gateways and into pens can be tricky, but we can help you. - 10.0 min
  14. Close Work 2. Tess and Carew both struggle to get sheep into and out of the yard cleanly. - 15.0 min
  15. Confidence (the Dog's), is hugely important. Learn how to improve it. - 2.0 min
  16. Driving 1. Driving is extremely useful, and not so difficult to teach once you know how. - 7.0 min
  17. Driving 2. How to use your body position to maintain some control over the dog while it learns to drive. - 7.0 min
  18. Driving 3. How using an "inappropriate" command, can achieve the result you need from your dog. - 7.0 min
  19. Educating Gloria. A complete training session with a strong young dog. - 23.5 min
  20. Eliminate the Toilet Break. Teach your dog to toilet on command so it doesn't need to interrupt its work. - 4.5 min
  21. Eve at the Pen. A complete session teaching young Eve to get sheep into, and out of, a pen. - 36.0 min
  22. Flank Both Ways. (Why your dog should) Train left or right handed dogs to work well in either direction. - 5.5 min
  23. Get off the Fence! Learn how to prise those stubborn sheep away from a fence or hedge. - 11.0 min
  24. Give the Sheep Space! Sheep move best for a dog that doesn't crowd them - teach your dog to stay back. - 6.5 min
  25. Golden Rule of Sheepdog Training. Essential rules for training any dog, but which is most important? - 6.0 min
  26. How Can I Slow the Dog Down?. Teach your dog to work at a steady pace - 10.1 min
  27. How Often, and for How Long? Our recommended frequency and duration of training sessions. - 10.0 min
  28. Inside Flanks (Circle Sheep on Command) 1. Circling on command both ways moves the dog to a new skill level. - 7.0 min
  29. Inside Flanks (Circle Sheep on Command) 2. A training ring makes teaching inside flanks easier. - 7.0 min
  30. Learn Your Commands. Giving wrong commands will confuse your dog. We show how to get them right. - 3.0 min
  31. Moving Out Into the Open Field. How to bring sheep out of a pen or training ring, calmly and cleanly. - 12.5 min
  32. My Dog's No Good. Don't believe it. The dog just needs training. - 2.0 min
  33. No Excuses Please! Don't kid yourself your dog's working better than it really is! Our reality check. - 5.0 min
  34. Outrun 1. A good sheepdog must have a good outrun. We show ways to get it right. - 15.0 min
  35. Outrun 2. Correct positioning of handler, dog and sheep, is vital for improving your dog's outrun. - 16.0 min
  36. Outrun 3. A technique that's highly successful for widening the dog's outrun - if your dog will do it! - 10.0 min
  37. Pack Behaviour. (An Insight into). Learn about how dogs work and interact with each other. You'll love this! - 13.0 min
  38. Puppy Training Essentials. You can start a pup on sheep at a very early age, but beware! - 2.0 min
  39. Sending the Dog the Wrong Way! Teach the dog to work off-balance; vital for driving and precision. - 13.5 min
  40. Shedding. It's useful to be able to separate sheep, and you'll need this skill if you want to compete in trials. - 5.5 min
  41. Sheep. (ex-First Steps DVD) Learn some essential facts about sheep and their role in sheepdog training. - 8.1 min
  42. Sheepdog Handler. (ex-First Steps DVD) Find out what you can do to prepare yourself for training a sheepdog. - 13.0 min
  43. Sheepdog Selection & Preparation. (ex-First Steps DVD) Learn about herding dogs to get the best from them. - 33.0 min
  44. Sheepdog Trials 1. How to prepare your dog and yourself for competing in sheepdog trials. - 24.0 min
  45. Sheepdog Trials 2. How trials are run. Prepare for your first trial: what to do, and what to avoid. - 28.0 min
  46. Sheepdogs Time Out. A fun look at our sheepdogs and how they play together - you'll love this too! - 7.0 min
  47. Sometimes Nice is Not Enough. If your dog's struggling to move stubborn stock, teach it to get tougher. - 16.0 min
  48. Starting a Non-Starter (Parts 1 & 2). How to tempt a dog to change its mind and start working stock. - 14.0 min
  49. Starting a Reluctant Dog. Starting a dog which is sensitive and reluctant to work. - 10.0 min
  50. Starting a Strong Dog. Tess is over-excited and aggressive with the sheep. - 19.0 min
  51. Starting a Young Puppy 1. We take two eleven-week old puppies to sheep for the first time. - 10.0 min
  52. Starting a Young Puppy 2. Ezra goes to the sheep again at nineteen weeks. - 8.0 min
  53. Sticky Dogs! (Eye). What is "eye", and can you overcome it? Yes! Train your dog to work more freely. - 14.5 min
  54. Stopping the Dog (1) REVISED & IMPROVED!. In-depth look at getting your keen trainee sheepdog to stop. - 22.4 min
  55. Stopping the Dog 2. (The perfect stop) How to improve your dog's stop without damaging its confidence. - 20 min
  56. Tess in the Open Field. Can Tess (from Starting a Strong Dog) be trusted to work out in the field? - 18.0 min
  57. Top Tips for Easier Training. Make training as easy as possible for yourself and the dog. - 20.0 min
  58. Training Area. (ex-First Steps DVD) Putting a little thought (and work) into improving the training area will pay you well. - 20.0 min
  59. Training Max - the GRIPPER 1. How to cope with a strong-willed dog who violently attacks sheep. - 33.0 min
  60. Training Max - the GRIPPER 2. Max has made good progress, but can he keep up the good work? - 8.5 min
  61. Training Max - the GRIPPER 3. Max takes the sheep out of the ring into the field. Can he keep control? - 15.5 min
  62. Training Ring 1. The training ring makes starting a dog much easier, and it's more versatile than you might think. - 15.5 min
  63. Training Ring 2. How you can use your training ring to teach your dog more advanced work. - 17.5 min
  64. Training Stick. Correctly used, the Training Stick can HALVE the time it takes to train your dog. - 7.5 min
  65. Use a Reward to Get Training on Board. Odo hates cars, but it takes 20 minutes to change his mind! - 15.0 min
  66. What Shall I Do Next? The order in which we train our dogs - our program for training. - 14.5 min
  67. Whistle. (ex-First Steps DVD) In-depth video instruction on how to blow the notorious sheepdog whistle. - 6.8 min
  68. Whistle Commands. (Teaching the dog) It's not difficult to work a dog on whistle commands - here's how. - 13.8 min
  69. Woolly Jumpers. Prevent your sheep from jumping out of the training area, and how to cope if they do! - 4.5 min

English subtitles are available on ALL tutorials. Look for the link above each video.