Which is Best – Online Tutorials or DVDs?

Young Sheepdog Carew bringing a small flock of sheep towards the viewer

Trying to decide between watching our tutorials Online or on DVD?

If you have internet access we strongly recommend you opt for the online tutorials, rather than DVD. Here's our comparison of the two:

Provided they have an internet connection, members can watch our online tutorials anywhere, on multiple devices (including your smartphone in the field during a training session)!
Viewing DVD media is limited to devices connected to a DVD player; usually TV, Laptop or PC.

New tutorials appear on the day we upload them to the Tutorials Library and members can watch them immediately.
New tutorials appear on DVD only when there are enough chapters to fill a new DVD volume. (Sometimes a year or more later.)

Once completed, revised and updated tutorials appear immediately in the Tutorials Library and members can view them immediately. Once purchased, DVDs cannot be modified or updated.

Subscribing for well over a year costs less than buying all five of the "Tutorial" and "First Steps" DVDs.
Although buying five volumes on DVD gives you a "hard copy" to keep at home, it can be more expensive.

If a training question arises while you are watching online, scroll down the page and leave your question in the comment section.
We'll normally answer questions within a day or so, and if you ask about a topic which we have not yet covered, we’ll endeavour to include it in future tutorials or updates.
We still welcome questions from DVD viewers, but it's not as convenient for you. You need to go online separately.

All of our online sheepdog training tutorials have the option of English Subtitles for clarity and better understanding of what is happening. Our DVDs do not have subtitles.

If you’re not sure whether your internet connection is good enough, watch the Preview. Its codec and format are identical to the tutorials, so if the Preview plays well, the tutorials will too.

Whilst we are working on new tutorials at the moment, with a total of seventy to choose from we’re not intending to increase the number greatly in future. What we’re working on is improving quality, clarity, presentation and accessibility. (Making it easier to find the tutorial you need.)

Of course, we need to protect our tutorials (we have to live) so while there’s no limit on the number of devices you can watch with, there is a limit on the number of IP Addresses you can login from during one day.
This only affects mobiles and tablets because they use a different IP address every time you login. It very rarely causes a problem, but if you do find you’re locked out, simply wait for an hour and then login again.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

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