The sheepdog whistle (2 of 2)

How to work your sheepdog on whistle commands.

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Video Highlights

Now you can blow the whistle, get the dog working on it

How to work your sheepdog on whistle commands
You don’t need to use a whistle until your dog can work a long way from you.
We start our dogs on voice commands first, and introduce a whistle later.
Using your fingers for whistling (or not)!
Make sure your whistle commands are loud and clear!
Make your commands very distinct, so the dog cannot misunderstand them.
When is the best time to start teaching a dog to work on whistle commands?
How to teach your dog to work on whistle commands.
Using the training stick helps to teach the dog its whistle commands.
Sending the dog off to gather the sheep. (Voice command).
Get the dog to go the way you want, and then add the whistle command.

Typical sheep dog whistle commands

The ‘Walk-up” command.
The ‘Stop’ command.
The ‘Come bye’ command.
A longer ‘Stop’ command.
The ‘Away’ command.
With no prompt the dog comes straight at the sheep. A wave of the stick corrects her.
A verbal “No” corrects the dog.
Stop’ then ‘Walk-up’.
A little driving
Calling the dog back (vocally) when she flanks the wrong way, then adding the whistle.
Use a mixture of voice and whistle – and gradually ‘wean’ the dog onto the whistle.
Using a mixture of voice and whistle commands at sheepdog trials.
The dog vents her frustration!
Calling the dog away from the sheep.

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Teaching the dog to work on whistle sounds

Part 2 – Once you can blow a sheepdog whistle consistently, it’s relatively easy to teach your dog to work off whistle commands.
This totally remade and revised tutorial takes you through the process of familiarising your dog with whistle commands.

Bronwen’s quite good with voice commands and now Andy wants to teach her to work on whistle commands. It doesn’t take long before the young dog gets the idea!

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